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CDs of Talks by Alan Morinis

The following CDs are availble for order through PayPal. The price of each CD is $12 US + $2.00 shipping and handling and $20 US + $4.00 shipping and handling for double-CD sets.


101.1 Being Jewish, Being Spiritual? (2 CD set)
Berkeley Richmond Jewish Community Center, December 2002
101.2 Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
Los Angeles Valley Kollel, March 2003
101.3 Duties of the Heart: What the Jewish Tradition Tells us About Refining our Soul
Partners in Torah Winter Retreat, February 2003
101.4 Soul in Love
Congregation Kol Shofar, February 2003
101.5 Veils of the Heart
Congregation Kol Shofar, February 2003
101.6/7 What the Soul Wants (2 CD set)
Chochmat ha-Lev Healing Conference, San Francisco, June 2003
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