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Mussar Kallah I ("How to Do Mussar") - June 22, 2003 - CDs

The following CDs are availble for order through PayPal. The price of each CD is $12 US + $2.00 shipping and handling and $20 US + $4.00 shipping and handling for double-CD sets.

1.1/2 SESSION 1: “How To Do Mussar”
Dr. Alan Morinis; Rabbi Ephraim David Becker, Rabbi Zvi Miller, Rabbi Y. Bechhofer and a message from Rabbi Y.Y. Perr
2 CD set @ $20 (US) per set
1.3 SESSION 2: Panel discussion: “The Practice of Mussar in 2003 / 5763 – Issues of This Generation”
with Rabbi Yaakov Feldman, Rabbi Craig Miller, Rabbi Ephraim David Becker, and Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin (Moderator: Eytan Kobre)
1 CD @ $12 (US) per CD
SESSION 3: Discussion groups on Mussar methods
1.4 Partnerships and Groups
with Rabbi Micha Berger
1.5 Learning Mussar Texts
with Rabbi Yaakov Feldman
1.6 Limud b’Hitpaalut (Mussar chanting)
with Rabbi Zvi Miller
1.7 Cheshbon ha-Nefesh (Mussar diary practice)
with Alan Morinis
1.8 Ethics in action
with Rabbi Ira Stone
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