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Mussar Kallah III - May 8, 2005 - CDs

The following CDs are availble for order through PayPal. The price of each CD is $12 US + $2.00 shipping and handling and $20 US + $4.00 shipping and handling for double-CD sets.

3.1/2 SESSION 1: Introduction to Mussar
Dr. Alan Morinis, Rabbi Micha Berger, Rabbi Zvi Miller
(Moderator: Dr. Shirah Bell)
2 CD set @ $20 (US) per set
3.3/4 SESSION 2: Contemporary Topics in Mussar Learning and Practice
(Moderator: Eytan Kobre)
1. The Roles of the Spiritual Supervisor (Rabbi Yosef Blau)
2. Maximizing your potential from a Mussar perspective (Rabbi Ephraim Baer)
3. Seeing Torah Through a Mussar Lens (Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin)
2 CD set @ $20 (US) per set
3.5 Rachamim (compassion)
Rabbi Dr. Meir Levin
3.6 Yirah (fear / awe)
Rabbi Zvi Miller
3.7 Hakaras Ha’tov
Rabbi Ephraim Baer
3.8 Ahava (love)
Rabbi Micha Berger
3.9 Moral Courage
Rabbi Yosef Blau
3.10/11 PLENARY: Mussar and Psychology as Paths to Wholeness
Rabbi Ephraim Becker, Rabbi Yosef Blau, Dr. Joshua Gressel, Deborah Steinberg
(Moderator: Alan Morinis)
2 CD set @ $20 (US) per set
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