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Mussar Kallah VI - November 16, 2008 - CDs

Mussar Kallah VI held in 2008 in Manhattan, New York.

The following CDs are availble for order through PayPal. The price of each CD is $12 US + $2.00 shipping and handling.

6.01 Introduction to Mussar: A Practical Outlook
R’ Micha Berger
6.02 Introduction to Mussar: Practical Tools
Shirah Bell
6.03 Introduction to Mussar: Practical Lifestyle
R’ Dr. Meir Levin
6.04 Introspective Mussar as Transformative Practice
Alan Morinis
6.05 Introspective Mussar as Transformative Practice
R’ Zvi Miller
6.06 Humility (Middah Session)
Chasya Uriel Steinbauer
6.07 Patience (Middah Session)
Pam Wax
6.08 Gratitude (Middah Session)
Rob Mass
6.09 Equanimity (Middah Session)
Modya Silver
6.10 Order (Middah Session)
Beulah Trey
6.11 Compassion (Middah Session)
R’ Zvi Miller
6.12 Interpersonal Relations – Halachic and Emotional Perspectives
R’ David Lapin & Alan Morinis
6.13 Leading a Mussar Group – Theory: Relating to Community R’ Micha Berger
6.14 Leading a Mussar Group – Practice: Fulfilling One’s “Bein Adam Lachaveiro” obligations
R’ Yaakov Feldman
6.15 Love, Trust and Fear of G-d: Tension or Synergy?
R’ Yaakov Feldman, R’ Dr. Meir Levin, R’ David Lapin & Dr. Alan Morinis
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