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Mussar Kallah Retreat IX - October 2011 - MP3s

The following MP3s are availble for order through PayPal. The price of each MP3 is $10 US. For the full set of MP3s, the price is $90 US.

9.01 Nosei b'Olim Chaveiro: Middah and Practice
Yaacov Haber
9.02 Hitpa'alut: Mussar Chanting to Open the Heart to the Other
Alan Morinis
9.03 Avodah: Serving the Other as Spiritual Practice
Yaacov Haber
9.04 Middah 1: Chesed [Loving-Kindness]
Shirah Bell
9.05 Middah 2: Savlanut [Patience]
David Jaffe
9.06 Middah 3: Rachamim [Compassion]
Micha Berger
9.07 The Mitzvah of Ahavat Chesed [“Loving Lovingkindness”]
Alan Morinis
9.08 Role Models: Tales of Lamed-Vavniks, Tzaddikim and Others Who Show us How to Help Others Bear their Burden
Rivy Kletenik, Yaacov Haber, David Jaffe
9.09 Panel Discussion: Practices for Soft-Hearted Living
Yaacov Haber, Shirah Bell, Alan Morinis, Rivy Kletenik
9.10 Closing: Where to From Here?
Michael Burnham, Gary Shaffer
(all of the above MP3s)
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