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Thank you for visiting the the Musssar Institute's Audio Recording Store.

Our goal is to bring these Mussar offerings to you in the easiest manner possible. And as a result we are happy to provide the following Mussar audio recordings in MP3 or CD format at a very reasonable price.

The Mussar Kallah

Mussar Kallah Retreat XI - 2013
Mussar Kallah Retreat X - 2012

Mussar Kallah Retreat IX - 2011
Mussar Kallah Retreat - 2010
Mussar Kallah VII - 2009
Mussar Kallah VI - 2008
Mussar Kallah V - 2007
Mussar Kallah IV - 2006
Mussar Kallah III - 2005
Mussar Kallah II - 2004
Mussar Kallah I - 2003

Alan Morinis' Talks

  • Being Jewish, Being Spiritual?
  • Climbing Jacob’s Ladder
  • Duties of the Heart: What the Jewish Tradition Tells us About Refining our Soul
  • Soul in Love
  • Veils of the Heart
  • What the Soul Wants

Rabbi Perr's Talks

  • Shalom Bayis: peace in the home
  • Pathways of Bitachon (Trust in God)
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