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Reviews of Everyday Holiness

Midwest Book Watch, Fred Reiss, Ed.D.

New Year's resolutions about self-improvement may come and go, but the need for positive growth continues all year. Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar, by Alan Morinis, offers us a path to personal improvement based on the teachings of the Mussar movement. Mussar, also known as the Jewish Moralist Movement, gets its name from a Hebrew word found in the Book of Proverbs meaning discipline or conduct... more >>

The Jewish Daily Forward, Jay Michaelson

How do you become a better person? A simple question, it would seem, but there are no easy answers — and no agreement as to which of the many paths toward self-improvement is most efficacious... more >>

Jewish Book World

Mussar means ethics in modern Hebrew, which means ethicism finds its biblical origins in the word for rebuke or reproof, more gently defined as correction. This can be misleading, as the purpose of Mussar is to find spiritual elevation through the practice of Jewish ethics; ethics that have been taught for generations in Torah and Talmud study and interpreted by the sages in classic Jewish texts... more >>

Spirituality & Health Magazine

The Jewish spiritual tradition of Mussar was developed in Lithuania in the second half of the nineteenth century by Rabbi Yisrael Lipkin Salanter. The word means “correction” or “instruction” and also serves as the modern Hebrew word for ethics... more >>

The Dallas Morning News, L. Edward Sizemore

For some, the title may be a bit offputting. I am reminded, however, of Leviticus 19:1-2, in which God tells Moses to command all of Israel to be holy... more >>

Publishers' Weekly

Morinis, director and founder of the Mussar Institute, summarizes the practice of Mussar "in the phrase tikkun ha'middot ha'nafesh-improving or remedying the traits of the soul"-while emphasizing that it is not self-help... more >>

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