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  • Help organize data from master database
  • Work with information on database to streamline lists and make information accessible
  • Create updated spreadsheets for uploading and dissemination
  • Monitor and direct written requests for information to appropriate parties
  • Monitor and tabulate evaluations, direct to appropriate parties



  • Reformat and edit documents according to TMI branding standards for uploading on the course site
  • Check course site for document uniformity and consistency
  • Check website content for clarity, resonance, and impact
  • Edit blog posts, letters to the editor and/or responses to articles, op-eds



  • With training and guidance, post on TMI’s social media platforms to engage constituents and prospective students in the mission of TMI
  • Create and populate content scheduler with categories and types of content to post
  • Download and share relevant analytics reports from social media, online newsletters, surveys, etc.
  • Track reach and engagement on sites and share with TMI professional staff



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