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Manchim for Rabbis – Application


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Have you facilitated Seeking Everyday Holiness, Path of the Mensch or You Shall Be Holy, and completed "Everyday Holiness."

Which TMI Mussar courses, if any, have you completed? Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL to select more than one. (required)

Also, briefly share what your experience has been as a participant in these courses.

Why do you want to take the Manchim Training at this time? Please include what you hope to give as a Mussar Facilitator and what you hope to receive. (required)

How do you plan to apply what you learn in the Manchim Program in the next 2 years? (required)

Please describe in detail any prior experience you have had facilitating groups. Please also include what you consider to be your facilitation skills. (required)

How would you describe your skills in both communicating your ideas and in listening? (required)

Discuss your own spiritual growth path and how it has led you to consider being a Mussar facilitator. Include a description of your personal Mussar practice and for how long you've been involved in your own Mussar practice? (required)

Please identify who will be providing the required letter of reference in support of your application.

We welcome any additional information that will help us get to know you better. (This might include hobbies, interests, skills, professional experience)

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You will be matched with a learning partner (chevruta) for the short duration of this course, with whom you will be in touch at least once a week. Do you have any preferences or restrictions in matching?


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Please indicate all of your availability (day and evening, Eastern Standard Time) for the 90-minute va'ad meetings by the web conferencing site ZOOM during the program.

Sunday 9-12am12-3pm3-6pm6-9pm

Monday 9-12am12-3pm3-6pm6-9pm

Tuesday 9-12am12-3pm3-6pm6-9pm

Wednesday 9-12am12-3pm3-6pm6-9pm

Thursday 9-12am12-3pm3-6pm6-9pm


Please send this document to the person who will provide this
recommendation for you, informing them to return it to under separate cover as soon as possible.


Select the code below to register for Manchim for Rabbis:

Registration Fee: $25 with the completion of the application

Tuition: $475 per student. For those who receive notice of acceptance into the program, details will also be provided on how to make a payment. Payment must be made prior to the start of the program.

Enter 25 (no dollar sign) to pay the registration fee with a credit card or PayPal.

If you pay by check, once you click send you can ignore and close the PayPal page. Your registration is submitted. If you pay by check send the amount due to The Mussar Institute, 6545 SW 133rd Drive, Pinecrest, FL 33156.

If you pay by PayPal (credit cards and electronic checks) once you click send you will be taken to the PayPal page to complete payment.

We hope your involvement will help strengthen the practice of Mussar worldwide.

Once your application is received, you will receive a reference form to be given to an individual who is familiar with your character and commitment to spiritual growth (other than a family member, director or staff of the Mussar Institute). This person will be asked to comment on your experience and suitability to be a Mussar guide and a group facilitator. Ideally, this person will be a colleague, a group facilitator in a Mussar program, or an individual who has direct experience of your leadership and facilitation skills. Once completed, the reference form should be sent directly to


You will be notified about whether you have been accepted to the program very soon after the application closing date. Thank you so much for considering this program and helping strengthen the practice of Mussar.