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If you have experience with Mussar Institute courses or a solid background in Mussar learning and feel called to help support others on a spiritual Mussar path, then the Mussar Institute’s Manchim Program is your opportunity to qualify as a Mussar group facilitator. The program will train you to become a facilitator so that you can guide members in your community as they engage in personal development and growth through Mussar learning and practice.

Manchim will develop within you the values, skills and expertise to facilitate small study groups in the ways and traditions of Mussar. The next training begins October 30 and takes place in two phases.

Phase one is an intensive, interactive three-week Internet- and telephone-based training that explores facilitation issues, tools and techniques unique to Mussar groups. The training highlights skills and perspectives you will need to facilitate a Mussar group, and it will help you to use the va'ad (small group) process to foster spiritual growth.

Phase two is a six-month follow-up program in which you will lead a pilot group in A Season of Mussar curriculum. As part of the training, you will study with learning partners (in chevruta) and interact with your own facilitated-support group (va’ad). You also will prepare valuable reports to help identify areas to be strengthened and will have access to personal coaching as needed.

In addition to course curriculum developed by Alan Morinis, Shirah Bell and senior faculty of The Mussar Institute, you will receive assistance from experienced va'ad facilitators who share their insights and coaching.

You can learn more and apply here. For questions, contact course manager Shoshana Litman at or Alan Morinis at

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