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The Path Of The Soul - Registration

Each participant must register separately, including partners and spouses.

SECTION 1 – Personal Data
* First Name
* Last Name
* Mailing Address
* City
* State/Province
* Zip/Postal Code
* Country
  Office Tel.
* Home Tel.
* E-mail
SECTION 2 – Personal Information
We would like to know a little about you and your spiritual orientation, so we can support you more effectively as you go through the course. We’ll keep this information strictly confidential. If you prefer not to answer a particular question, put “N/A”. The form won’t go through unless each box is filled in.
1. Are you joining a local group term 1, local group term 2, or the on-line Distance group?
Local Term 1 Local Term 2 Distance
Group Facilitator
2. Have you completed Mussar 1 or Everyday Holiness? If not, please explain briefly what form of study or readings you have done previously.

3. How did you hear about this program?

4. What is the most recent program in Jewish learning in which you participated?

5. What do you hope to get out of Path Of The Soul?

6. We may be able to give you a chevruta (study partner) within driving distance. What is the nearest large city to where you live and how many miles/kilometers away is it?

7. What is your age? 
8. What is your marital status? 
9. What is your gender?  Male Female
10. Do you have a strong preference to be matched with a chevruta of the same gender? Yes No
11. Do you have any hindrances to talking on the telephone for an hour once a week (e.g., physical handicaps)?

12. Do you have any concerns about your ability to complete the program?

13. If you are Jewish, which denomination(s) would you say most closely describes you?

14. How would you rate your level of Jewish knowledge? Low Medium High
15. If your primary affiliation is to a religion other than Judaism, or if you do not have a religious affiliation, please note your spiritual orientation here.

16. Your profession, employment or major skills.

SECTION 3 – Payment
Please first check with your group facilitator on whether you will be paying on-line with credit card on our secure payment site, or paying your facilitator by check/cheque. Please indicate here method of payment:
Check/Cheque On-line (PayPal/credit card)
In order to keep administrative costs low, the only payment we can accept is via PayPal. This is a fully secured site which accepts major credit cards and even online checks.

When you have completed the PayPal form, please close that window only, being careful not to close out of the whole website, and return to this window so you can submit this form. Without doing so, your registration form will not be automatically be submitted to TMI.

Canadian residents in a local group click here
Materials FOR PERSONAL USE only
I understand that the materials I receive in this program are copyrighted and are made available to me for my personal use only. By making payment and registering for this program, I affirm that I will not circulate them, post them to websites, or distribute them in any way, nor give access to the CourseSite of the materials to any other people.
Refund Policy

For withdrawal within the first two weeks after registration: 50% refund.
For withdrawal after the first two weeks after registration: no refund.
If you withdraw and decide to re-enroll at a future time, the full fee will be payable at that time.

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