Chevrah Fellowship Expanding

By Pam Rollins

We are grateful for our Chevrah members. The cadre of TMI va’ad facilitators is growing each year and now numbers well over 50. While the growth is exciting, it also creates challenges.

The Chevrah fellowship was formed to help create community among Manchim-trained va’ad facilitators and to lend support as they pursue their own spiritual growth as Mussar practitioners and group leaders. Over the past year, the Chevrah Council assessed the current Chevrah program in order to create a plan for new initiatives. We are excited to update the entire TMI community about the many new Chevrah offerings, and we look forward to introducing new initiatives in the coming year.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the Chevrah program or ideas on how we can support you in community with TMI and with your spiritual growth as a Mussar practitioner and group leader. Please email the Chevrah council at

Chevrah Council members are Pam Rollins (chair), Rabbi Judith Edelstein, Rabbi Brett Isserow, Felice Joyce, Michele Jackman. Past member, Shelley Karell. Staff support, Shoshana Litman and Jeff Agron.