Instruction, resources & community for those seeking greater awareness, wisdom, and transformation through the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.



I am grateful every day for the way this work is impacting my life and deepening my spiritual practice. In my journaling, I find myself writing prayers and blessings, and approaching the textual material in ways I never have before. I especially love the ways that the different middot dance together; although we study their particularity, in the larger sense, they all are aspects of the One.
– N.W., Los Angeles, California

I began Mussar practice at a quiet time in my life which was my good fortune because just around the corner, my life path would have some major bumps and bends. I was well-prepared to make sound choices about how to respond; to understand my place in events (humility); to trust; and—most importantly—to be helpful to others who were experiencing enormous pain from the same turbulence. As a result of witnessing how Mussar guided me, my husband began Mussar study and practice this fall. A friend of mine also took up Mussar after I shared my experience with her during a conversation about her personal problems. So, yes, there are ripples as each person discovers the quiet power of Mussar. Know that the reach of your work continues to grow in important ways.
– S.R., Arlington, Massachusetts

I especially like the insights from the Mussar tradition that we all have our own unique spiritual curriculum to master and that we have a pure light (neshama) to share with others. In a world that glorifies false forms of hero-worship, it’s also good to know that I can be a mensch simply by fulfilling my ordinary duties as a husband, father, and teacher in an extraordinary way. What I really like about Mussar teaching is that it’s so accessible and practical, and it builds upon very keen insights into the nature of God and the human condition. I’m so glad I discovered this ancient spiritual tradition.
– M.O., Whitby, Ontario

I had been struggling with some projects that needed to get done and some changes in career. I went to my Mussar book and saw some traits that have helped me with the process. I have worked on diligence, responsibility, logic, and alacrity. I write out the definition and speak them to myself. It has grounded me and given me new momentum.
– M.B., Houston, Texas

I enjoy this so much and have learned about myself each day. The journey is amazing and I look at character traits as they overlap in the process of life.
– B.L., Redondo Beach, California

I see more and more that Mussar is my derech [path]. Nothing in Judaism has spoken to me as much as this. I am so happy and elated.
– L.B., Seattle, Washington