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Our Membership Program Has Transformed into Our Chaverim Initiative. See Current List of Chaverim.

Following a careful analysis of all our programs, including our membership program, we have come to understand that our community is the center of our vision. The bonds between and among our people form the channels along which the true value of The Mussar Institute is generated and felt.

The idea is captured in the Hebrew word chaverim / חברים. A chaver/chavera is a “friend.” It describes people who feel their connections with others, and experience and share caring conduct across time and distance. But the word chaver/chavera has special meaning for us as students of Mussar because it is the root of the name given to learning partners: chevruta. Our community is one where students study together.

In truth, our community always has been at the heart of what we have been doing, and now we are making that explicit. Together, we will build a robust, meaningful, and caring community of chaverim.

See our Chaverim and learn where they live.


Over the coming months, we will put in place ways for all to experience a deeper, richer, and more connected spiritual community within which we will foster study, practice, and chesed (loving-kindness), especially at times of life transition.

    • Chesed Minyamin: You will be invited to join a group of 10 with a leader who will be available to you as a mentor, connector, and friend.
    • Programs and Introductory and Beginning-level Courses will have special pricing for members. More
    • Intermediate and Advanced-level Courses will be accessible to Chaverim only. More
    • Special Webinars from Alan, Avi, and other Mussar leaders will be accessible only by members. More


Because all members of a Mussar community are equals, we would like you to show your support for this community by contributing $18 per month or $216 per year. While you are welcome to contribute annually, our hope is that most of you will show your support on a monthly basis.

All Chaver/Chavera registrations are on an individual basis. 

Thank you! Your partnership and friendship will mean so much to so many.


Meet our Chaverim

The community that has grown up around the work of Mussar over the past 20 years is an extraordinary one. It consists of people who are wise, spiritually sensitive, and serious about doing good in the world. These are people who care about their inner worlds and their outer worlds in a real, everyday sort of way—like being better to spouses, to their children, and to the sales clerks they encounter. The study and practice of Mussar is our pathway and our tool. It is what brings us together. But the real value is that we have the opportunity to engage with the type of people who will blow you away. This is our community and you are invited to join us.

  Avi Fertig, Director of Mussar, 2019