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Chevrah: The Mussar Va'ad Facilitators Fellowship

The Mussar Va’ad Facilitators Fellowship (Chevrah) supports Mussar Institute (TMI) trained va’ad facilitators and selected applicants in their spiritual growth as Mussar practitioners and group leaders.

Chevrah provides Mussar group leaders with advanced, ongoing Mussar learning plus personal supervision by advanced Mussar practitioners.

Who can apply?

Graduates of the Manchim Program and other experienced leaders of Mussar va’adim.

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Chevrah membership:

Annual dues are $36. Although membership is voluntary, we enrourage all Manchim graduates to join Chevrah, as this program will provide the ongoing education and supervision needed to help you keep growing as an effective facilitator. Chevrah fellows receive priority in leading future TMI courses.

Educational Enrichment

Special learning opportunities are offered regularly to Chevrah members to help you deepen your understanding of the material you will facilitate in your courses. In the past, we offered a series of ten webinars on key lessons from Hovot HaLevavot (Duties of the Heart) guided by Rabbi Yaakov Feldman, who has translated this classic Mussar text into English.

Individual supervision sessions:

Chevrah members participate in two ½ hour supervision sessions with a TMI supervisor for each group s/he leads - one during the first third of the group and one during the last third of the group. For example, if your course has 10 sessions the first supervision meeting will take place before the third session and the second meeting will take place after the 7th session. If leading more than one group at a time Chevrah members can bring issues from both groups into the supervision session.

There is no cost for supervision to paid-up Chevrah members when leading a group in a Mussar Institute course. Supervision is available to leaders of non-Mussar Institute courses at a fee of $55 per course (two supervision sessions). Please contact to arrange supervision.

The focus of these sessions is on the Chevrah member’s spiritual growth as a leader. Participants prepare in advance for these sessions.

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Membership Responsibilities

  • To participate in ongoing Mussar learning.
  • To access supervision while leading groups including two supervision conversations of 30 minutes duration each - one during the first third of the group and one during the last third of the group.

Membership Benefits:

Members will have:

  • access to the TMI network for recruiting groups - Alan Morinis and others direct people to a member's group and help members gain access to local institutions.
  • support from a supervisor  in running his/her group.
  • continuing Mussar learning focused on classic texts.
  • access to podcasts and occasional webinars on group leadership facilitation.

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