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Advanced Online Learning Platform

Most of our courses are delivered through Makor, our online learning platform. It is easy to use and stores all your course materials in one place. Va'adim (small groups) meet in Zoom sessions, convened by your facilitator.

Some Jewish organizations offer TMI courses or programs in-person. HERE are several programs that may be purchased by organizations.

How is Mussar Studied?

man studying

in contemplation, through meditation or visualizations, text study, journaling or cheshbon ha'nefesh, and kabbalot or the creation of exercises to observe inclinations or reactions.

women study
With a Partner

Chevruta or partner study is a key component as both partners work their way through a text and work to connect the heart with the mind through sharing and dialogue.

Small Group

Va'ad study occurs in small groups of 8-10 people guided by a trained TMI facilitator. The va'ad actively creates a sacred space where members feel safe to share vulnerability and try on new ideas.

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