Instruction, resources & community for those seeking greater awareness, wisdom, and transformation through the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.



Support, sustain, and ignite your Mussar learning and practice.

The Inner Ladder program provides rich materials for Mussar study for anyone who has completed Seeking Everyday Holiness, Path of the Mensch, You Shall be Holy or Gates of Everyday Holiness. The middot studied – the rungs on this ladder – are:

  • Generosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Silence
  • Compassion
  • Lovingkindness / Chesed
  • Gratitude / Hakarat HaTov

Once a month lesson outlines are provided to the group leader for each middah, following a similar format as Seeking Everyday Holiness, Path of the Mensch, You Shall be Holy or Gates of Everyday Holiness. (Special permission can be granted in advance for a different schedule with approval from the Program Director.) Along with va’ad (group) sessions you will also meet between meetings with a chevruta (study) partner.

The Program

Each middah unit contains:

  • A variety of texts from both modern and traditional Mussar sources
  • Discussion questions to help deepen your own understanding or to guide study with a partner
  • Extensive suggestions and guidance for a consistent personal Mussar practice
  • Short Mussar quotations to be used for reciting and chanting and to lead group discussions
  • Stories and personal experiences relating to each middah

Registration: Ongoing enrollment

Start Date: The materials for Inner Ladder are sent to the leader on a schedule set up with The Mussar Institute.

Fee: $49 per student

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