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Middah a Month

Welcome to the all-new Middah a Month Mussar course with

  • Flexible learning to support, sustain and ignite your Mussar learning and practice
  • Customizable format, where you choose the middot you want to study

Who should take the Middah a Month program?

  • Anyone interested in delving into the middot and furthering their Mussar learning

To design your customized course, select any or all of the following middot – and in any order

  • Attentive listening/Shmiat HaOzen
  • Trust/Bitachon
  • Love/Ahava
  • Compassion/Rachamim
  • Equanimity/Menuchat Ha’Nefesh
  • Generosity/Nedivut
  • Gratitude/Hakarat Ha’Tov
  • Honor/Kavod
  • Humility/Anavah
  • Order/Seder
  • Patience/Savlanut
  • Joy/Simcha
  • Enthusiasm/Zerizut
  • Holiness/Kedusha

Course Format

You’ll receive monthly materials that will inspire, educate, and support you as you engage with Mussar in general, and with one trait in particular, each month.

You’ll receive:

  • Texts from both modern and traditional Mussar sources
  • Kabbalot for your daily Mussar practice
  • Suggestions for your morning phrase/chant in English and Hebrew
  • Short Mussar texts, artistic pieces and stories for each middah

More detail:

Can Groups Take Middah a Month? 

This program is primarily intended for independent study and practice but can also be used by groups with a designated leader who has training in Mussar facilitation, a specific practice. If you need guidance using Middah a Month materials in a va’ad setting please consider taking our foundational training course, Yesod. To register a group, email

When to Begin

You can begin Middah A Month at any time and will receive your first package around the first of the month following registration.

Start Date

The materials for Middah A Month are sent on the first day of each month, unless that day is Shabbat or a holiday, commencing with the month after you first register.

Registration & Fees

The per student cost for the course is:

  • $15 per middah
  • $10 per middah if you sign up for one year. You get 12 middot for $120 per person
  • If you have at least 10 students registering at the same time, then you will receive 12 middot for $90 per person. If you want to register a group, please do not register online. Contact the course administrator at