Instruction, resources & community for those seeking greater awareness, wisdom, and transformation through the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.


The “Mussar Quotations” document contains short sources culled from Tanach (Scripture), the teachings of Chazal (the Talmudic sages and Midrash) as well as from the Mussar masters beginning from the middle-ages and down to today. The primary purpose of the document is to provide students a sense of the scope of each middah.

More specifically, these sources are to be used to develop your “Accounting of the Soul Phrase” or a Mussar Phrase for Chanting. You will find a complete discussion of this process in the document called, “Program Practices.”

Another facet of the “Mussar Quotations” is that the sources are ideal for forming a va’ad or group study. While Middah a Month is primarily designed as an individual home-based program, many students use the sources within a va’ad framework and/or to study together with a chevruta-study partner. We encourage using the materials in this manner, as the best way to effectively engage the Mussar journey is within community, with other souls who bring energy, wisdom and support to the process. See the document called Va’ad Guide” for specific guidance using Middah a Month materials in a va’ad setting.