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Season of Mussar II

At the end of the 13-week A Season of Mussar program, participants can continue their Mussar learning and practice through the next level of program, A Season of Mussar II. This program also runs for 13 weeks and operates on the same principles as A Season of Mussar. This higher level course focuses on a different set of 6middot.

The middot covered in A Season of Mussar II are:

Week 1 Patience Savlanut
Week 3 Forgiveness Slichah
Week 5 Simplicity Histapkut
Week 7 Lovingkindness Chesed
Week 9 Strength Gevurah
Week 11 Faith Emunah

At this higher level, more advanced Mussar practices are added to the program, including Cheshbon Ha’Nefesh (Accounting of the Soul), which involves both the daily recitation of a phrase and keeping a journal.


START DATE: Ongoing intake. Exact dates decided by the group.

DURATION: 13 weeks

FEE: Determined by the host organization in consultation with The Mussar Institute. Contact that organization or your Mussar group leader for details and to get a registration code.

PREREQUISITE: In order to take Season of Mussar 2, you must have completed Season of Mussar 1 or Seeking Everyday Holiness.


Please check with your facilitator before paying and registering for this LOCAL course. Your facilitator will tell you which option is being used by your group:

  1. Register and pay directly to the institution sponsoring your Local group.
  2. Register and pay by PayPal/Credit Card at this site, by clicking the Register Now button below.

If your A Season of Mussar II group will be led by someone training in The Mussar Institute’s program, please be aware that Manchim trainees have access to coaching from individuals designated by the Mussar Institute. Receiving coaching is a necessary part of the work of being a group leader. All discussions between Manchim trainees and coaches are held in strictest confidence.


For withdrawal within the first two weeks after registration: 50% refund. For withdrawal after the first two weeks after registration: no refund. For anyone who withdraws and decides to re-enroll at a future time, the full fee will be payable at that time.

For more information and to get your group started, email

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