Instruction, resources & community for those seeking greater awareness, wisdom, and transformation through the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Delivery: Distance Learning via Live Web Meetings or Local On-Site

Learning Methods: Independent Study Plus Groups (va’adim) Meeting Locally or via Live Web Meetings with or without Chevruta

Duration: 13 Sessions

A Season of Mussar II is the 13-week continuation of A Season of Mussar I.  At this higher level, more advanced Mussar practices are added to the program, including Cheshbon Ha’Nefesh (Accounting of the Soul), which involves both the daily recitation of a phrase and keeping a journal. You will study these middot:

    • Patience / Savlanut
    • Forgiveness / Slichah
    • Simplicity / Histapkut
    • Lovingkindness / Chesed
    • Strength / Gevurah
    • Faith / Emunah

Two Ways to Take Season of Mussar II

(1) Live Web Meetings: Students from around the world are now gathering. Through Zoom technology, they will meet face-to-face to study Mussar in traditional small, intimate groups, led by a facilitator with deep knowledge of Mussar. Tuition: TMI Chaverim: $150. Non-Chaverim: $180. 

(2) On-Site Courses: Fees may vary depending upon the agreement between your host organization and The Mussar Institute.  Contact that organization or your Mussar group leader for details. Please check with your facilitator before paying for and registering for an on-site or local course. To register you will need to know the name of your facilitator and the start date of the local course you are registering for. Tuition: TMI Chaverim: $136. Non-Chaverim: $164.


For local courses, the dates are decided by the local facilitator. For online Zoom web meetings, courses begin at the start of the Winter, Spring, and Fall semesters.  Fall Sessions begin 10/23.


You must have completed one of the following: A Season of Mussar I, Seeking Everyday Holiness, Path of the Mensch, You Shall Be Holy, or Gates of Everyday Holiness.


For withdrawal prior to the first group meeting: 100% refund. For withdrawal after the first group meeting: no refund. Anyone who withdraws and re-enrolls at a future time will be required to pay the full fee at the time of re-enrollment.



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