Let Your Generosity Light the Way

Dear Friends,

Our Annual Fund campaign for 2022-2023 closed on June 30th and we are delighted and so grateful to announce that we surpassed our goal of $175,000, reaching just over $197,000 in contributions this year. This tremendous achievement is a reflection of the dedication of our friends and partners, who know and feel on a soulful level how Mussar impacts our lives and how important the work of The Mussar Institute is for individuals, for our communities, and for the Jewish people.

All of our generous donors have been honored on our website, as well as personally acknowledged. We want to especially recognize the pillars of our Institute who help us reach thousands of Jewish and other spiritual seekers each year, so that they can delve into the rich, yet reachable, tradition of Mussar to improve their lives, relationships, and communities. You will find them in the Honor Roll.

We also thank Alan Morinis, Founder of The Mussar Institute, Irv Robinson, Co-President of the Mussar Institute, and our Operations Team: Rivka Felsher, Director; Dianne Benmayor, Associate; and Alex Keller, Associate, for their guidance, oversight, and implementation of this year's very successful campaign. However, TMI would not have reached its goal were it not for our dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors, along with Sandy Greenstein, co-President, Avi Fertig, Director of Mussar, and Eric Gurvis, Director of Chaverim and Outreach, who gave of their time and energy to connect with our donors.

Your generosity helped fund several pilot courses this year, update and revise existing curricula, complete our technology upgrades, invest in our staff of Jewish professionals, and meet once again in-person after nearly four years, at the Mussar Retreat 2023 in June at Pearlstone Retreat Center in Baltimore, MD. Your gifts play a crucial role in keeping TMI's engine running so that we can continue to share our Mussar practice with a growing and devoted community, those who have been with us for decades as well as those just discovering the rich and relevant tradition of Mussar. We have a big year planned ahead during which we will expand our course and program offerings, engage more guest faculty, develop women-focused courses, and focus on new Mussar topics. We also hope to bring you the return of our in-person Kallah – details to follow in coming weeks.

All of this and more is made possible by the generosity of our community of supporters, and we are honored, humbled, and inspired by your commitment to our work.

With deepest gratitude and blessings to you all on your Mussar journeys,

The Board and Leadership of The Mussar Institute



You will help us continue to provide:

  • all-new Mussar content, including advanced courses and new webinars;
  • more tools and programs to help members meet and support one another;
  • scholarships so that all who want to study Mussar are able to access our programs, and more.



“As I type this note, your books are sitting on my nightstand and have been my faithful companions every night as I battled loneliness and bitterness. I am not the same person I was when I started to read your books. Not that I am the best Mussar student, but there is something in your books powerful enough to bring healing and transformation. I write this note to say, ‘thank you.’”

"My brother heard someone talk about Mussar on Yom Kippur at his synagogue in Johannesburg. He told me about it and Mussar and I are a perfect fit!! Thank you again and again. I am also thrilled to be reunited with my Judaism...I am enrolled in a Hebrew course at my local synagogue and am toying with the idea of doing a bat mitzvah one of these days, maybe for my 80th birthday."

"What I love about TMI is the fact that I am able to study with Jews from all over the world who are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and unaffiliated. This Jewish organization heals rifts and builds bridges in a time when this is much needed."

All U.S. donations are tax-deductible.

Canadian donations are not tax-deductible at this time.