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Mussar Courses for the New Year 5774, 2013–2014

The Mussar Institute now begins a new year of course offerings for the soul. The Mussar Institute (TMI) offers both distance learning courses and local groups, including courses for beginners, intermediate students and advanced students.

Beginner and Introductory Courses

Taste of Mussar – Curious what it's all about? Give yourself a small taste of what Mussar has to offer. Taste of Mussar is a 4-week distance learning, self-study course ideal for your first exposure to Mussar study and practice. You can begin at any time. Makes a great gift for loved ones who may have noticed your changes and are curious. Can also be done as a group.
Tuition: $36

Everyday Holiness – When you're ready to dig in and learn about all the different middot, Everyday Holiness provides a more in-depth, distance learning introductory course based on the book by Alan Morinis. You'll learn to keep a Mussar journal and try a variety of kabbalot, or practices, to reinforce the middot in your life.  If you wish, you will be matched with a chevruta partner you can speak with as you work through the lessons.
Tuition: $199

A Season of Mussar I  followed by A Season of Mussar II РAn introduction to Mussar in a group setting, led by trained Mussar leaders. Run through JCCs, synagogues and local communities. For those who have completed A Season of Mussar I, A Season of Mussar II is the next level.

To start a group in your community, email info@mussarinstitue.org

Intermediate Courses

Mussar in Action – For those who want to take their Mussar practice to the real world. Students engage in a voluntary project, putting the middot studied into action. Local groups start any time.

Path of the Soul – More in-depth and practical Mussar lessons based on the classic Mussar text Path of the Just by R' Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, as interpreted by Alan Morinis. Local groups can start at any time. Distance groups are ready to begin! Students needed to form the groups. Facilitators ready!

Important change: Please note that Mussar in Action is now the Intermediate Course that follows Season of Mussar II. Path of the Soul is now the course to take after Mussar in Action, unless prior arrangement is made with The Mussar Institute and the course facilitator.

Advanced Courses

Chaburah Program РContinue with your va'ad to build a strong, consistent Mussar practice. This is a year-long program focusing on one negative middah a month and the positive middah that counteracts it. Local groups can start at any time. Distance groups are ready to begin! Students needed to form the groups. Facilitators ready!

Mussar Group Leadership Training

Manchim Program Training for Mussar Group Leaders
Prepares qualified candidates to guide Mussar groups (va'adim) and lead A Season of Mussar and more advanced classes. Program starts now! Last call for applications.

Supplement your learning with Middah-a-Month

A way to support, sustain and ignite your Mussar practice. For those who have completed one or more courses with TMI. $70 per year Tuition.


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