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Count the Omer. 49 transformative steps

Counting the Omer with Monica Fuchs

Day 26 — Happiness with Your Portion

Sameiach B’chelkoבחלקו שמח

By Nina Piken, Waltham, MA

Monica Fuchs, New York, NY, remembering her mother
Monica Fuchs, New York, NY, in honor of her parents, of blessed memory

Most days I wake up delighted to enjoy another day.  There are occasional days I wake with a heaviness in my body and spirit. 

I am blessed with so many gifts in my life.  I have close relationships with my siblings.  My son and I talk often.  I have recently settled into my new home and finished renovations.  Every time I walk in the door I say out loud, “I love my house, I’m so glad to be home.” I am filled with a deep gratitude and voicing that helps me see it more clearly.  I have been embraced by new friends in all the areas of my life here.  That is because I am open to it.  I know that cultivating close relationships are the key to a meaningful life for me.

On the days I am not feeling my usual joyful self what helps me get through? First I now remind myself sooner that it is only a passing state.  I practice endurance.  I endure the more sad and logy days with less of a need to push it away or distract myself with business.

Part of being happy with my portion is recognizing what my portion is.  With the middot of gratitude and presence I remind myself of all the blessings I have received.  Speaking this out loud is crucial.  The sound of my voice anchors me to the moment.  For what else is sadness if not dwelling on something that has happened (or didn’t happen) in the past?  In that moment when I am sad or agitated I allow myself a few moments to be that way.  Then I look around and see the beauty and love that surrounds me.   Sometimes that takes hishtadlut /effort.  Sometimes it is letting go into trust / bitachon. Trusting that the purpose for what I am experiencing is to grow, gain insight, and become stronger.

Sometimes it can be the simplest thing that refocuses me.  I intentionally turn the corners of my mouth into a smile and feel my endorphins begin to kick in. 

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