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Counting the Omer with

Day 7 — Humility

Anavah • ענוה

By Rabbi Yaakov Feldman, Monsey, New York

Shelley Karrel, Vancouver, BC
Joni Brenner, Huntington, New York
Dedicated to Jason Winston for his devotion to Mussar

It’s really hard to be arrogant on the white-white, frigid, and endless surface of Antarctica. Hard to be arrogant in the face of a ferocious, whipping, swallowing tornado. And impossible to be arrogant in the roaring, undoing, huge and deeply invisible presence of G-d Almighty.

As such, humility is easy to catch. All one has to do is to realize his or her standing in the face of it all. Easy. Unless, of course, one can’t succumb to immensity and intensity — to Antarctica, tornados, or G-d — but only to his or her own tiny, tiny self.

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