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Omer 2018 Program

The journey begins...!

Alan Morinis
Alan Morinis

When the Pesach Seders are behind us (except for the memories and the lessons learned), we will begin the seven-week journey that takes us to Shavuot. The Torah instructs us to count these 49 days of the Omer, and in a few days, we’ll start to do that along with you and our diverse Mussar community.

Every day of the Omer period, you will receive an email with a photo of someone from our global community showing the number for that day. We’ll start on Day #1 with a glowing image of Irma Freudenreich lifting one finger, which is fitting since Irma recently turned 101. Day after day, you’ll see the diverse and soulful “face” of the community of Mussar seekers marking the number of that day.

As in previous years, each day will have a theme drawn from the section of Pirkei Avot that lists the 48 methods for “acquiring Torah” (with a summation on Day #49). This is the practice for counting the Omer that was followed in the Mussar yeshiva of Kelm in the 19th century, and we have called on various members of our Mussar community to share a brief original personal thought on each of the themes.

The period of Sefirat Ha’Omer is a time to elevate our souls as we walk step by step closer to Mt. Sinai, revelation and receiving the Torah. We hope you will find inspiration, enjoyment and support in our daily emails that will accompany you along the way of this holy journey.

Special Pesach Offering!

As a special gift from The Mussar Institute, click the link for 10 brief Mussar teachings to bring to your Pesach Seder, to help make the night of celebration be truly transformative.

Thanks to Avi Fertig for assembling the lesson writers, to Michele Jackman for coordinating the daily sponsors, and especially to the over 100 people from our community who generously contributed to this collective effort, some with their resources and others with their wisdom. Most of all, thanks to you for being the reason we’ve done it, and to the One Above, for everything.

If you would like to sponsor a day of the Omer-counting, please email Michele at mmjinc@aol.com.

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