What is Mussar?

Mussar, rooted in Jewish tradition, is a path of ethical and spiritual development that focuses on cultivating virtues and refining character traits. At The Mussar Institute, we explore timeless teachings and practical tools to foster personal growth, deepen self-awareness, and nurture meaningful connections with others. Join us on this transformative journey of inner wisdom and ethical living.



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“Mussar offers guidance and action to anyone willing to step up. I searched for many decades for that “something” that would assist me in discovering and Reawaken what I need to be doing to be a useful person. I was surprised and delighted when I read in Alan’s book it is our job to be holy. How fabulous is this?! I was hooked right then.” 

Elizabeth Czhubirka-Percival 

“I think it's so valuable to study the middot and try to improve ourselves. I really hope Mussar catches on in a big way ... so needed.” 

Daria Doering 

“Engagement in Mussar has enhanced my life and I think that others at least deserve to know that it exists, is easily accessible and may be nourishing for them as well.” 

Jill Maidhof 

Words From our Founder

Alan Morinis, Founder

There is the potential for our approach to Mussar to be perceived as self-help, exclusively on a humanistic plane. Our approach, the Mussar approach, is deeply rooted in the Torah and with this rootedness comes several layers of reality; additional to the worldly, there is a spiritual presence within the material. There is divinity.

This is a spiritual perspective on self-help, making Mussar distinct from other approaches. As we say, working on the self but not for the sake of the self. We are more than a lineage and tradition, there is this truth, this emet, that is the foundation of all we say and do.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the spirituality of Mussar. It broadens the perspective of what is the self, what is one's responsibility to develop their "selves" and this is all so germane to the Jewish perspective.

- Alan Morinis

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