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Each day will be filled with morning and evening keynote speakers, a va'ad (small group) gathering, optional discussion sessions, and a variety of optional workshops: Mussar Movement, Mussar Chanting, Text Study, Mussar Art, Schmooze Groups, and more. You may attend any or many at your choosing.

The day will begin at 11 a.m. Eastern Time Zone with a general session followed by optional workshops, and discussion of the content with your va'ad or small group. Following a break, we'll reconvene for another general session, optional workshops, and discussions. The schedule details will be posted here.

Regular breaks are scheduled into the program, but we know that no one should be expected to attend every offering. Set your schedule for your comfort.

Daily Schedule: Eastern Time Zone

(Each day varies slightly from this schedule summary. The final three-day schedule will be posted here before the event. Please expect some changes to what is published below. This page will be updated regularly.)

10:00 - Optional Prayer Session

11:00 – Opening General Session with Keynote Presentations

12:45 – Optional Workshop Sessions

2:30 – General Session: Va’ad Introduction and Gathering

4:15 – Optional Workshop Sessions

6:15 – General Session with Keynote Presentations and Discussions

8:00 – Day Ends

9:00 - Optional Schmooz Room Closes

Breaks are scheduled throughout the day. There is no expectation that participants will attend every event. Start and end times may vary slightly each day, but participants will be given adequate notice of the final schedule before the event.