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Manchim Facilitator Training Program


Be a guide and facilitator to others as they walk their spiritual paths, and grow your own soul in the process.

As more Mussar groups emerge in many places, the call for leadership of these groups increases, and it becomes essential to train capable facilitators to lead Mussar Institute courses in the specific ways and traditions of Mussar. In this sensitive leadership role, the facilitator helps people engage in personal development and growth through Mussar learning and practice.

Manchim is for those who are ready to guide a va'ad (Mussar group) through the process of learning, reflection, and transformation that is so much a part of the TMI course offerings. You will have the unique opportunity in this training program to share deeply with other trainees in a small and intimate va'ad,  fostering the growth of your own soul.


The training is an interactive, experiential program that takes place in two phases:

  1. An intensive interactive 10-week training that focuses on the skills, values and perspectives unique to Mussar groups. Participants learn facilitation skills, tools and techniques, and the dynamics of group process. The program guides trainees in using the va'ad process to foster spiritual growth. Trainees participate in 9 va'ad meetings and chevruta meetings in alternating weeks.
  2. Upon completion of the intensive, there is a 6-month follow-up period during which the trainees will lead a pilot group and trainees will continue to study in chevruta and interact with their Manchim va'ad. Trainees will be assisted in identifying leadership areas that need to be strengthened, and personal coaching will be available on an as-needed basis.

Nancy Weiss, the Manchim Program Coordinator, works under the supervision of the Dean, Alan Morinis, regarding program content.  Participants may also interact with Mussar Institute professional staff and/or experienced va'ad facilitators, who will share their experience, insights and coaching as part of this training program.


Be part of an international group of individuals who have been trained in facilitation and who have similar interests and experiences. When you are a Manchim trained facilitator, you have the unique ability to facilitate any TMI course and receive:

  1. Listing on the TMI Website as a TMI Trained Facilitator.
  2. Assistance from TMI to help you locate Mussar groups in your area and connect you with synagogues where there are Mussar Courses
  3. Membership in an online community
  4. Access to content created exclusively for TMI Facilitators
  5. Ongoing professional development
  6. Access to exclusive online sessions geared toward the needs of facilitators


“ I keep using the word "transformational" when I talk to others about Manchim! The individual components—the readings, the group process, the va'ad leader's astute and sensitive facilitation—were all excellent, but the experience was so much more than the sum of its parts! The extension of the process over time within our va'ad community, which was so rich and supportive, allowed for an integration of deeper Mussar learning and leadership.”

Julie Hirschfeld, 2016 Manchim Graduate


The next training session for selected applicants will begin the second week in November of 2016. Registration will open 6-8 weeks prior. If you are interested in applying and have met the admission requirements, please send an email to the address below.

For more information contact:

Click here for more details and to apply

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