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Never Before Has Connection Been So Accessible.

Never Before Has Community Been So Hard to Find.

I find that a lot of people are suffering as individuals, feeling very isolated. And, what is called a connection in our world is very minimal and not a real bond. On a spiritual path, it’s very hard to stay committed, strong, and continually ascending. That’s why it is so important to link-up in a community where each individual contributes, where there is authentic give and take, and where bonds can be created or reaffirmed.

Alan Morinis, August 2018

To build and strengthen our community, we invite you to join or renew your membership in The Mussar Institute today. We find that our connection with one another is vitally important to all of us and believe something special is available to all who are part of our community. We, as individuals, are strengthened by membership and membership strengthens all.

Last year, thanks to your partnership and generosity, we were able to accomplish so much. We:

  • Developed Yesod: a new group leader training program to onboard new facilitators;
  • Introduced Toolbox: a new program for millennials which we rolled out in four cities;
  • Enhanced accessibility and ease for our distance learning students – A Taste of Mussar is the first program to be adapted to this new platform;
  • Revised Middah a Month: it is now a fully customizable program for group and self-study;
  • Developed two courses, taught from Jerusalem, by two outstanding teachers;
  • Developed our Mussar Israel Study Pilgrimage; and
  • Welcomed our largest Kallah group ever.

In 2018/2019, with your continued support, we will:

  • Design new programs for advanced students who have completed all of our courses;
  • Make more of our resources available to the general public to purchase or license;
  • Redesign our popular Lead with Jewish Values for Lay Leaders;
  • Welcome two new senior faculty members, Rabbi Amy Eilberg and Rabbi David Jaffe; and
  • Formally honor Alan Morinis for all he has done in the creation and growth of TMI.

Our program fees cover less than 50% of the cost of our programs and events. Your support is critical to The Mussar Institute!

You will help make the spiritual path of Mussar available to the Jewish people worldwide so that the lives of others can be enriched through their study and practice. You will play a vital role in helping others develop and grow.

Why join The Mussar Institute?
You will help make the spiritual path of Mussar available to people worldwide so that the lives of everyone can be enriched through study and practice. You will play a vital role in helping others develop and grow.

Please consider making a monthly, recurring donation this year. Your gift lets us reach more souls and helps us elevate each other towards holiness through the time-tested ways of Mussar.

Whatever you do to help us share Mussar, know that every level of membership and every donation makes a difference and we are very grateful.