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Mussar for Children integrates Jewish values with classroom and family activities, directed discussions, and more. This program is easily incorporated into school programs pairing the middot with Jewish holidays and festivals.

This Mussar program for young children uses an inquiry-based approach in which cooperative, child-initiated learning promotes the children’s spiritual and ethical development. The program provides a starting point for creating awareness and encouraging reflection and ongoing discovery.

To help you prepare, you will receive introductory letters to share with your co-workers and families and information on how to create a mascot to join you in the classroom when each new middah is introduced.

Stories are based around the puppets: Mendel or Mindel who bring the middot from revered Jewish sources. Your children will be excited to see the puppets, knowing that whenever one of them visits, they will have the opportunity to explore a new middah and practice. They will soon learn that the puppets signal new books to read, a much-loved “Questions-In-A-Jar” activity, and more.

For example, you'll receive a scroll with the middah written in English, Hebrew, and transliteration to reinforce the idea that each middah was received long ago and has been passed down to us.

You will also receive learning materials that describe the middah and ways to highlight it in family life. Suggested activities can be included in your school newsletter or sent home to parents.

For every Middah the following is included:

A Scroll: This is a page with a portrayal of an open scroll that can be used to introduce the middah and then hung on a wall throughout the month. The scroll helps children understand that each middah is part of Judaism’s ancient teachings and has been transmitted through many generations to the present.

Monthly Article: This can be used for the school newsletter or sent directly to families. It describes that month’s middah and how to incorporate it into family life.

Classroom Activity: This helps children explore the meaning of the middah.

Questions in a Jar Activity: These questions stimulate class discussion about the middah of the month.

Self-Awareness Reflection Activity: This activity helps each child personally relate to the middah.

Self-Awareness Reflection Drawing Page: Children create a page for each middah which becomes part of a book or portfolio at the end of the year.

Monthly Letter to Parents: This home/school connection keeps parents informed about what their child is learning in school and helps them to reinforce those values at home.

Resource List: This reinforces the middah of the month by helping parents choose books to foster discussion and practice.

Home School Connection – Family Discussion Activity: This provides materials that encourage families to instill the value in the home by engaging in discussions and activities through which they experience the middah in action together.



You will receive a perpetual license for the program which will allow you to use the program for as long as you wish.

$399 for all 9 Middah Packets, or any combination of the following:

$150 for Packet Aleph: Forgiveness, Patience, and Friendship

$150 for Packet Bet: Trust, Silence, and Responsibility

$150 for Packet Gimel: Courage, Generosity, and Loving-kindness