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Mussar Institute Europe

Mussar Institute Europe has now established a foundation, enabling us to receive donations in accordance with local laws.


Mussar Institute Europe has two objectives:

  1. to launch and promote a children’s book on Mussar, written and illustrated by Marga Vogel, called The Marbles and the Crown, Jewish Wisdom in a Fairy Tale.
  2. to offer a Mussar Summer Academy. The main theme will be the life and works of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, who spent a couple of years in Amsterdam and wrote Messilat Yesharim there. The venue will be very close to the place where he presumably lived and worked as a gem cutter. A musical part of the program will be held in an old Portuguese synagogue.


There are three va’adot in The Netherlands, two of them in the Amsterdam area and one in Almere. Hana Fischer, formerly of  the Netherlands, now of Australia, is available for presentations in the Melbourne area.