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A Message from Alan Morinis

On the evening of the second Passover Seder we begin the traditional counting of “the Omer,” the seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot. We are pleased to offer you a FREE program of Mussar learning and practice as we embark on this spiritual journey through 49 days.

This year’s program focuses on the trait of Kavod, which translates as “honor” or “respect.” These days, we are all seeing a real deterioration in the quality of respect in how people speak and act toward one another – from the highest office to the sports field to the armed racist in the street. This disturbing trend runs counter to a primary Jewish value and so we want you to join with us in our effort to strengthen the quality of honor, within ourselves and within the community, by learning and practicing the traditional Mussar teachings on this precious trait.

The program is guided by Rabbi Avi Fertig and runs from Sunday, April 14th through Friday, June 7th.  During this period you will receive a daily lesson and reflection on kavod written by a member of The Mussar Institute community.

Your daily email will feature a photo of the community member who is sponsoring that day of the count. We invite you to sponsor a day of the Omer – in support of the trait of respect and of The Mussar Institute. Please contact Michele Jackman at

There is no charge for this program and no registration is required. If by our efforts we increase the honor and respect people show to one another in our world even by a tiny increment, our effort will be rewarded.  Please send questions or comments to


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