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with-heart-in-mindWith Heart in Mind: Mussar Teachings To Transform Your Life, by Alan Morinisbutton_order-now

Alan Morinis shares a weekly spiritual practice for developing a strong and open heart. Mussar draws from the vast storehouse of Jewish wisdom, law, revelation, and text and brings it right home in a way that is completely practical. Judaism teaches that Torah (the collective wisdom of the tradition) provides the blueprint for human experience.

The more of its teachings we acquire, the more we gain a clearer, truer perspective on life and learn how to navigate its pathways. The phrase “acquiring Torah” is code for the process of internalizing this wisdom to bring about a genuine transformation of the inner self.

In short, accessible chapters, this book describes 48 methods through which we can acquire Torah and a straightforward practice. They include cultivating humility, joy, awe, goodheartedness, closeness with friends, not taking credit for oneself, judging others favorably, and so on. The fruits are a refined soul and a strong and open heart.


Every-Day-Holy-Day-coverEvery Day, Holy Day, by Alan Morinisbutton_order-now

This is an essential companion for anyone who wants to experience the life-changing gifts of Mussar. “You shall be holy,” teaches the Torah. The masters of the Mussar tradition have crafted a roadmap to help people approach that lofty goal.

Mussar is a system of introspective practices that can help you identify and break through the obstacles to your inherent holiness, using methods that are easy to integrate into daily life. Here, Alan Morinis invites you to follow the Mussar path with him for a year. This time-tested approach is remarkably simple, and also remarkably effective in helping you overcome negative tendencies and strengthen positive ones—and to reveal your innate holiness in the process.

This book focuses on 26 traits, or middot—such as loving-kindness, strength, generosity, compassion, honor, and equanimity—each of which takes center stage for a week of contemplation and exercises, in order to develop and refine that quality in yourself. Every day begins with an inspiring teaching that illuminates the essence of the trait. An affirmation phrase and an exercise make the lesson effective in your own life. After a day of paying attention and stretching yourself to cultivate that trait, you will journal to record and integrate your experiences.

Will inspire many people to begin a Mussar journey, and a beautiful resource for those already on it.” -Rabbi Michael Skobac

Everyday-HolinessEveryday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path to Mussar,  by Alan Morinisbutton_order-now

Experience profound and practical teachings to discover happiness, wisdom, and achieve your highest potential amid the struggles of everyday life. Each chapter features a key character trait (or quality of the soul) found in traditional Mussar teachings, including humility, generosity, gratitude, trust, patience, and enthusiasm—and presents them in an engaging and helpful manner that anyone can understand and put to use toward reinvigorating their religious life, exploring contemplative spirituality, or simply making spirituality a stronger presence in everyday life.

Here is an accessible and inspiring introduction to the centuries-old Jewish spiritual tradition known as Mussar. Though little known outside Orthodox Jewish communities, Mussar is an illuminating, approachable, and highly practical set of teachings for cultivating personal growth and spiritual fulfillment—and one of its main goals is to reveal the inherent goodness that lies within each of us.

“Practical guidance on how to negotiate the epidemic levels of confusion in our frenetic world. The Mussar tradition offers a path of wisdom and authentic holiness that has stood the test of time. Alan Morinis has made a significant contribution in helping reveal Mussar’s transformative power.” -Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Climbing Jacob's LadderClimbing Jacob’s Ladder: One Man’s Rediscovery of a Jewish Spiritual Tradition by Alan Morinisbutton_order-now

Jewish by birth, though from a secular family, Alan Morinis took a deep journey into Hinduism and Buddhism as a young man. He earned his doctorate from Oxford University for his study of Hindu pilgrimage, learned yoga in India with B.K.S. Iyengar, and attended his first Buddhist meditation course in the Himalayas in 1974. But in 1997, when his film career went off track, and he reached for some spiritual oxygen, this time he felt inspired to explore his Jewish heritage. In his reading, he happened upon a tradition of spiritual practice called Mussar that dates from the 10th century and became a socio-spiritual movement in 19th century Europe. Gradually he realized he had stumbled on an insightful discipline for self-development, complete with meditative, contemplative, chanting, and other well-developed transformative practices designed to penetrate the deepest roots of the inner life.Eventually reaching the limits of what he could learn on his own, he sought a Mussar teacher. That goal was not easily achieved since almost the entire world of the Mussar tradition had been eliminated in the Holocaust. In time, he did find an accomplished master who stood in an unbroken line of transmission of the Mussar tradition, and who lived at the center of a community of Orthodox Jews on Long Island. This book tells the story of Morinis’ journey to meet and learn from his teacher and reveals the central teachings and practices that are the spiritual treasury and legacy of Mussar.

Alan’s hope is that Jews and non-Jews alike will find in Mussar a time-tested path of spiritual practice that will help them discover the hidden radiance within.

From Enemy to Friend: Jewish Wisdom and the Pursuit of Peace, by Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Ancient Jewish traditions offer a guide to reconciliation and peace-building in our lives and in our world.

A pioneer in the work of Jewish chaplaincy, healing and spiritual direction, Eilberg has spent the last seven years stretching her heart and mind to answer the call of peacebuilding in our world. In this much-anticipated book, she inspires and defines yet another new field, inviting Jews to join her on the spiritual adventure of the twenty-first century: encountering the “other” with curiosity and compassion. Digging deeply into her knowledge of Jewish text and tradition, Rabbi Eilberg gently but firmly shows us what it might mean to become rodfei shalom–pursuers of peace. I cannot imagine a more important journey, nor could I hope for a wiser guide. Review by Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College


Changing the World from the Inside Out: A Jewish Approach to Personal and Social Change

by Rabbi David Jaffe

An inspiring and accessible guide, drawn from Jewish wisdom, for building the inner qualities necessary to work effectively for social justice. Winner of the 2016 Jewish Book Council Award for Contemporary Jewish Life and Practice.

Changing the World from the Inside Out distills centuries of Jewish wisdom about cultivating and refining the inner life into an accessible program for building the qualities necessary to accomplish sustainable change. Through explorations of deep motivation, inner-drive, and traits like trust and anger, this book engages the reader in a journey of self-development and transformation, demonstrating that sustainable activism is indeed a spiritual practice. Jaffe offers accessible and meaningful guidance for this journey—with exercises, contemplations, and discussion points that can be used individually or in a group.



The Marbles and the Crown

by Marga Vogel and Michelle Princenthal

A Mussar-based fairy tale connecting important life lessons to Judaism and soul-traits (middot). Parents, grandparents, and educators will find guided discussions to provide an opportunity to connect children to Jewish wisdom and values.

When Wise Tree sends Ruben and Rivka on a journey in search of a special bottle and asks them to fill it with 10 unique marbles they are in for an adventure. Along the way they must speak to the looking glass (their inner selves), face challenges from Rara Rattlesnake (the evil inclination), and gain guidance from Butterfly Fairy (the good inclination.) Will the children decide to follow the direction of Rara Rattlesnake or Butterfly Fairy? When Ruben and Rivka succeed in their task they are amply rewarded, but their most valuable reward is the insight they gained along the way.