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The Mussar Institute WebinarsThe Mussar Institute’s Webinar Series 2018

“Calming the Storm”

Mussar Practices for the Heart and Soul in Troubling Times

We are living in stormy times. The political and economic climate is troubling. Terrorism and senseless hates crime lurk around the corner. Nuclear war threatens. Relationships with those closest to us are strained. Many people struggle with the challenges of modern parenting or the demands of caring for aging parents.

Though our world often has us spinning out of control, the wise King Solomon tells us, “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Despite feelings that we might be ill-equipped to deal with today’s challenges, deep down we know that our situation is not new. Many previous generations have dealt with challenges that have threatened to overwhelm. Some simply survived, while others rose to life’s tests and lived life fully and joyfully.

Join us for a timely webinar series, exploring centuries-old practices from the Mussar tradition that have been developed by its masters and tested by generations of people. Learn how you can experience greater equanimity and trust as you study and hear from the tradition’s thousand-year-old wisdom, as practiced and applied in today’s chaotic modern world.

Do not miss this opportunity to study the wisdom of our tradition and enliven your Mussar practice; discover how you can bring greater calm to the storm.

All webinars will be recorded. Register below to receive links to both the live webinar and recording. There will be time at the end of each session for questions and answers.

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Recordings of this year’s webinars can be found HERE



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