Widen Your Tent

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Micha explores the worldview of Rabbi Shimon Shkop, a Mussar Master and leading figure in the world of the Lithuanian Yeshiva a century ago. Rabbi Shkop’s vision of the purpose of Judaism, human life and the nature of holiness speaks to us today. Using Rabbi Micha Berger’s recently published translation and commentary, Widen Your Tent, you’ll explore:

  • Why G-d created us. And why did He give us the Torah? What is the purpose of this entity we call a “human being”?
  • The relationship between ethics and religion. between our natural sense of morality and revelation.
  • Since it is so important to be giving human beings, why were we made with such a strong sense of self-interest?
  • How can I be happy with what I have? Or more even pressingly, how can I be happy?
  • How do I grow my soul?  What even is the measure of a human soul

The course includes monthly live sessions and recordings, materials for chevruta study and practice, and an online forum.

Part II, is open primarily to those who participated in Part I.

Tuition: Open to All

Chaverim: $150. Non-Chaverim: $180.

Registration: Closed

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