Instruction, resources & community for those seeking greater awareness, wisdom, and transformation through the Jewish spiritual path of Mussar.


Yesod is an introductory, five-session, facilitated, virtual-training program designed to train facilitators to lead introductory TMI courses.

In Yesod, you’ll interact on a deep level with other trainees in a small and intimate va’ad, fostering your own growth in a process of learning, practice, and reflection. You will study and practice two foundational middot that illustrate Mussar insight and methods: humility/anavah and enthusiasm/zerizut. Additionally, you will practice Mussar facilitation, which is a unique style of group facilitation, and receive feedback from your Yesod trainer and peers.

To participate in Zoom video conferences you’ll need a computer with a video camera and microphone and a reliable, high-speed Internet connection.

Meet the Yesod facilitators.  Learn the dates and times.

Is Yesod for you? 

Do you have general facilitation skills and a foundation in Mussar teachings and practices?

Do you have the desire to engage in essential components of Mussar practice in order to bring that knowledge to your facilitation?

Personal characteristics, emotional maturity and stability, qualities of openness, honesty, and inquiry, and a willingness to learn are more important than degrees or credentials.

You should be aware of your own characteristics, emotions, and feelings and how that might impact your leadership. To be part of this program, you should also be willing to seek and accept feedback.

Yesod qualifies you to integrate Mussar into your own programs or lead any of the following: A Taste of Mussar, A Season of Mussar I and II, Everyday Holiness, Seeking Everyday Holiness, Path of the Mensch, You Shall Be Holy, Toolbox: Mussar for Millennials, Mussar for Children.

Additional Benefits

A complimentary, one-year membership in Chevrah: Professional Development and Networking for Mussar Facilitators, an international group of individuals with similar interests and experiences.

Special invitations to Mussar Institute webinars and gatherings.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: $25. Non-refundable. Once we receive your application, you’ll receive a reference form for someone who is familiar with your character and commitment to spiritual growth.

Tuition Fee: $265, payable upon acceptance.


Due to the personal nature of the training, groups are intentionally small. The next training session for selected applicants will begin as soon as a course fills. Classes are scheduled based on participant availability; details are provided once you register. The first step is to apply.