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Seeking Everyday Holiness


Seeking Everyday Holiness

The entire Jewish world is asking for deeper, richer spirituality and the Jewish spiritual tradition of Mussar meets this need.

The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and The Mussar Institute (TMI) have teamed up to offer Seeking Everyday Holiness: A Community Mussar Program. At the center of this course is the inspiring book Everyday Holiness by Alan Morinis, Dean of The Mussar Institute. The course will delve into 9 of the most important soul-traits (middot in Hebrew) that the book covers, including weekly group meetings and weekly periods of personal study and practice.


Participants will each receive a copy of Everyday Holiness, and will be guided in their study with weekly lessons based on the text. Through guided discussion in a small group, led by a facilitator trained by The Mussar Institute, participants will explore their own personal curriculum with the safety and support of other like-minded seekers.

This program provides congregations with a comprehensive package of educational and spiritual tools that will deepen self-awareness and foster holiness rooted in a Jewish framework.

More information and details on costs are contained in the document “Information for Congregations,” available for download here.

When you are ready to promote the course at your congregation, all you need to start the process is available on this page.

Materials you can insert in your newsletter (“Newsletter Text”), a program description for potential participants (“Information for Individuals“), and a poster to promote the program in your congregation. We left an empty space in the program description and poster for you to enter the details specific to your temple. “Introducing the Mussar Path” is a suggested format for a 60-minute session to introduce Mussar to the members of your community, to interest them in the Seeking Everyday Holiness program.

Once you have the list of participants you will be ready to fill out the registration form by clicking “Register.” Please print out the license-agreement to review and mail to TMI with your check after you have registered.

If you interested in bringing these transformative Mussar teachings to your synagogue/temple, please email We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.

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