Our Members Are the Heart of our Community

Where Friendship and Learning Flourish

At The Mussar Institute, the bonds that weave through our community create the vital channels through which our true value is both generated and deeply felt.

This concept is encapsulated in the Hebrew word "chaverim" (חברים), meaning "friends." Chaverim are individuals who sense their connections with others, engaging in caring conduct that transcends both time and distance.

For students of Mussar, this word holds special significance as it forms the root of the term used for learning partners: chevruta.

As we study together, we naturally form connections and friendships.


Benefits of Belonging

  • Become a part of the exclusive Chaverim community where the Kallah is now a members-only event—membership is a prerequisite for attendance.
  • Enjoy significant savings on courses, and gain access to specially curated Chaverim-only courses and programs.
  • Explore the Makor Chaverim Library, offering a rich collection of chants, meditations, videos, and additional resources.
  • Receive the Weekly Torah Through a Mussar Perspective, featuring insights from Rabbi Eric Gurvis and other international rabbis.
  • Access the popular Elul Intensive and participate in special webinars hosted by Mussar leaders such as Alan, Avi, and more.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals through Chaverim Schmooze Groups, fostering meaningful friendships.

Flexible Membership Plans


Monthly Subscription: $18

Annual Subscription: $216


Families (applicable to four related adults residing under the same roof):

Monthly Subscription: $27

Annual Subscription: $324


Choose the plan that works for you and become a valued member of our community today!

Program for Chaverim

Weekly Torah Parsha

Each week Chaverim members receive a weekly essay that explores the Torah Parsha from a Mussar perspective. Included is a podcast or recording of the essay from the author.