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Coming Programs for Chaverim

Weekly Torah Parsha

Each week Chaverim members receive a weekly essay that explores the Torah Parshat from a Mussar perspective. Included is a podcast or recording of the essay from the author.

Torah through a Mussar Lens

The study and practice of Mussar has been growing across our Jewish communities in recent years. Lesser known is the reality that in addition to teachings on middot/soul traits, many of the great Mussar teachers also taught on the weekly Torah portions through the lens of Mussar. Now the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) has added a wonderful new resource and a vastly broadened chorus of voices to those of the classic Mussar masters.

Following upon the tremendous response to our first two three-part series of webinars with contributors to the volume, The Mussar Institute and the CCAR invite you to interact with additional authors of The Mussar Torah CommentaryCCAR Press’ new publication which includes a commentary on each weekly parashah, each examined through the lens of a single middah.

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Each webinar will be introduced by TMI’s own Rabbi Eric Gurvis, who is a contributor to The Mussar Torah Commentary. Moderated by The Mussar Torah Commentary’s Editor, Rabbi Barry Block, each webinar will feature two authors who wrote commentaries for the book on parshiyot coming up in the weeks after the webinar.

Thursday, February 18, 2021 – 4:00-5:00 pm ET 

  • Joseph Meszler – Terumah 
  • Leah Lewis – Tetzaveh  

Thursday, March 4, 2021 – 4:00-5:00 pm ET 

  • Elizabeth Behar – Vayakheyl  
  • Cheryl Rosenstein – Pekudei  


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Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler is the spiritual leader of Temple Sinai in Sharon, MA. He is a congregational rabbi, an educator and a human rights activist. Rabbi Meszler has written books on various topics and is included in several anthologies. His most recent publication is Soul Searching: Lessons from Bachya Ibn Pakuda.


Rabbi Leah Lewis is the rabbi at Temple Menorah in Redondo Beach, CA. She was ordained by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein is Rabbi Emerita of Temple Beth El of Bakersfield, California, where she served for 26 years.  She now practices her Mussar and her yoga in Northern California, is a member of Congregation Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa, and thanks to the pandemic and technology, celebrates Shabbat with minyanim across the country.
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Rabbi Elizabeth Bahar is the rabbi at Temple Beth Israel in Macon, GA, having previously served in Huntsville, AL.

Past Chaverim Programs That Will Come Again in 2021

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Our community is at the center of our vision.

The bonds between and among our people form the channels along which the true value of The Mussar Institute is generated and felt.

The idea is captured in the Hebrew word chaverim / חברים. A chaver/chavera is a “friend.” It describes people who feel their connections with others, and experience and share caring conduct across time and distance.

The word has special meaning for students of Mussar because it is the root of the name given to learning partners: chevruta. We study together and we become friends as we do so.

Individuals: $18 per month or $216 per year.  Families: $27/month or $324/year.

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The Benefits of Belonging

  • Significant savings on intermediate and advanced courses.
  • Access to special Chaverim-only courses
  • Access to Member web pages with Chaverim-only content (under construction)
  • Free Weekly Torah Portion: A Mussar Perspective from Rabbi Eric Gurvis
  • Significant savings on registration for the Kallah, our annual gathering.
  • Access to the popular Elul Intensive.
  • Special webinars from Alan, Avi, and other Mussar leaders.
  • Membership in Chaverim Groups - another great way to connect with friends.
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Your partnership will help provide a stable income for TMI, allowing us to plan and grow. Thank you.

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