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During the month of Elul, which precedes the High Holydays, TMI presents a five-week program to gather our community in preparation for the Days of Awe. Elul is a very special period of introspection and self-analysis, two cardinal aspects of Mussar practice. This season, members of our Mussar community offered their thoughts on what teshuva, or return, means to them. Please consider joining us next year by signing up for our email list.




August 5th Introduction to Elul Learning by Rabbi Avi Fertig, Director of Mussar

August 12th, 1st of Elul Essay: Remembering: It’s a Spiritual World by Dr. Alan Morinis

August 13th, 2nd of Elul: Reflection by Sharona Silverman

August 14th, 3rd of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Hillel Goldberg

August 15th, 4th of Elul: Reflection by Miriam Goodman

August 16th, 5th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Michael Satz

August 17th, 6th of Elul: Reflection by Sharon Schwartz

August 19th, 8th of Elul Essay: Teshuvah Reflection by Rabbi Pamela Wax

August 20th, 9th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Ahud Sela

August 21st, 10th of Elul: Reflection by Marga Vogel

August 22nd, 11th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Howard Shapiro

August 23rd, 12th of Elul: Reflection by Caroline Isaacs

August 24th, 13th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Dov Gartenberg

August 26th, 15th of Elul: Elul Essay: Growth Starts from Within by Rabbi Micha Berger

August 27th, 16th of Elul: Reflection by Richard Jackman

August 28th, 17th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Monique Mayer

August 29th, 18th of Elul: Reflection by Terri Thornton

August 30th, 19th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz

August 31st, 20th of Elul: Reflection by Felice Joyce

September 2nd, 22th of Elul: Elul Essay: Teshuva from Fear or Teshuva from Love by Rabbi David Jaffe

September 3rd, 23rd of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Meredith Cahn

September 4th, 24th of Elul: Reflection by Michele Jackman

September 5th, 25th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Michelle Pearlman

September 6th, 26th of Elul: Reflection by Rabbi Dan Alexander

September 9th, 29th of Elul: Elul Essay: Can I Really Change by Rabbi Amy Eilberg

September 12th, 3rd of Tishrei: Reflection by Rabbi Susan Tendler

September 13th, 4th of Tishrei: Reflection by Rebbetzin Dina Schoonmaker

September 14th, 5th of Tishrei: Reflection by Rabbi Harvey Winokur

September 16th, 7th of Tishrei: Elul Essay by Rabbi Avi Fertig

September 17th, 8th of Tishrei: Reflection by Rabbi Sharon Mars

September 18th, 9th of Tishrei: Final Elul Essay by Rabbi Avi Fertig


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