Important Notice: Email Delivery Challenges and Important Information for TMI Community

We're currently experiencing email delivery challenges due to policy changes made by Google/Yahoo (including ymail and aol) to protect you against spam. These policy changes are affecting some messages sent to Gmail and Yahoo addresses from TMI's system where you register for courses or make a donation, directly to you from our staff to Gmail and Yahoo addresses, or from our marketing email system. Our organization has updated its email configuration to meet the new policy requirements of Google and Yahoo, but some bounce backs are still occurring.


If you've missed emails from us, please inform us by emailing and consider contacting your email provider for a potential fix. You can also try sending us an email address from another provider that is not a gmail, yahoo, ymail, or aol account.


We value your patience and understanding as we work through this. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated and are here to assist you.


Thank you,

Operations Team