LIVE FROM JERUSALEM SIMCHA JOY From Rav Dovid Nussbaum (1200 x 400 px) (1850 × 400 px) (2)

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Each interactive webinar session will be 60 minutes and will be recorded for those who cannot join live.



One year of va'ad-based study or with prior permission from Avi Fertig, Director of Mussar

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In these dark and challenging times how are we to maintain a positive outlook on life? What guidance does our Mussar tradition offer now, to allow us to be generous; with ourselves, to others and in our relationship with the Divine?

Eiyen Tova literally means a good eye, and refers to having a positive and generous outlook to ourselves and to others. It is a Middah that cultivates being forgiving and compassionate. Indeed, Eiyen Tova is the source of blessing, as Proverbs (22:9) says, “One who has a good eye (tov eiyen) will be blessed, for they give of their bread to the poor.” From Proverbs to Pirkei Avot and the Talmud, to the Mussar Masters from Rabbi Yisrael Salanter until today, our tradition holds up Eiyen Tova as an essential quality and guides us to develop an Eiyen Tova even in the most challenging situations.

We invite you to learn from and be inspired by Rabbi Dovid Nussbaum, one of today’s most esteemed Mussar leaders, as he guides you to cultivate an Eiyen Tova, Live from Jerusalem!

Rav Dovid Nussbaum, a renowned Rabbi is mashgiach ruchani (spiritual advisor) at Yeshivas Torah Ore Israeli division in Jerusalem, a position he has held for over twenty-five years. Born in the United States, and a native English speaker, Rav Nussbaum came to study in 1978 at the renowned Mussar Yeshiva at Beer Yaakov, Israel, under the guidance of Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe zt’l, the leading Mussar personality of our generation. He has lived in Israel ever since. Rav Nussbaum remained a close student of Rav Wolbe until his passing in 2005.

For more than ten years, Rav Nussbaum has delivered a weekly va'ad in Rav Wolbe’s Beit HaMussar (Study Hall dedicated to Mussar study) in Jerusalem. Now, we are able to make this experience and traditional Orthodox Mussar perspective available exclusively to our Mussar students. Rav Nussbaum will speak to us in English.


“Very inspiring, both his teaching/guidance and ‘watching him tie his shoes.’”


“His practical advice and chanting exercises were so meaningful and moving.”

“A teacher with a twinkle in his eye and gave me something to hold onto and take home... Where there is a will, there is a way...easy and brilliant.”

“His teaching on our will and how to connect with it was the most emotionally impactful of all our teachings. A great experience of chanting individually in a group.”

You Will

  • Experience guidance for personal practice from one of today’s most respected Mussar personalities.
  • Hear a relevant Mussar perspective on timely topics and themes.
  • Be invited (virtually) weekly into R’ Nussbaum’s home in Jerusalem to experience live, one-hour teachings.
  • Gain the unique opportunity to learn and practice authentic Mussar taught and studied in today’s Yeshivot.


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