Course Pricing

Explore education your way with our three-tiered pricing

At The Mussar Institute, we recognize the dynamic shifts in the global economy and the financial considerations impacting our organization. In response, we have redefined our pricing structure to uphold the highest standards in delivering our courses. Introducing a new, 3-tiered pricing approach, we aim to accommodate diverse financial capacities while maintaining our commitment to fair compensation for our dedicated staff.

As we've expanded our team and aligned compensation with skills and service, this new pricing model represents a pivotal first step towards achieving equitable compensation.


For each course, we offer three pricing tiers:

Tier 1 - $XX : Covers the true costs of the course and includes a small contribution to support those who may find it challenging to comfortably pay at this level.

Tier 2 - $XX : Covers the true costs of the course without additional contributions.

Tier 3 - $XX : Priced below our true costs, provides an option for individuals who require more financial support.


*Chaverim members are entitled to a 15% discount across all three pricing tiers. 

*All course fees are 100% tax deductible.


As you register for our courses, we encourage you to assess your financial capacity honestly and choose the price tier that aligns with your circumstances. Your selection not only enables us to sustain the excellence of our offerings but also plays a crucial role in supporting those who may require financial assistance.

We hope you enjoy a fruitful and fascinating learning experience tailored to your unique path!