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Connect, learn, and thrive alongside fellow Mussar facilitators through the TMI Facilitator Network, our annual membership program designed to elevate your skills in va’ad leadership and foster meaningful connections with fellow facilitators.

What the Facilitator Network Offers:

  • Facilitator Continuing Education: Engage in interactive webinars led by seasoned Mussar facilitators and experienced Mussar teachers to enhance your facilitation skills, and broaden your Mussar horizon.


  • Facilitator Schmooze Groups: Participate in exclusive small-group Mussar study reserved for facilitators.


  • Online Resources: Access a comprehensive online (MAKOR) library featuring prayers, texts, chants, archived webinars, and more.


  • Training for TMI Courses and Programs: Receive insights and skillful offerings specific to TMI courses and programs.

Become a TMI-Trained Facilitator!

What We Look for in a TMI Mussar Facilitator

A qualified and skilled Mussar facilitator of TMI courses and programs acts as a guide through a self-reflective learning experience, and is not a teacher of Mussar. They are Jewish, have a strong understanding of Jewish ethics and values, the ability to extract meaning and relevance from Jewish spiritual texts, both traditional and contemporary, and know how to help their participants learn to do the same.

The facilitator has a passion for Mussar study and practice and a deep connection to TMI and its community, acting as a supportive representative of the organization. They have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively guide and facilitate group discussions, having the ability to balance stronger voices and allow all to feel comfortable participating.

Additionally, the facilitator should be patient, compassionate, and non-judgmental in order to create a safe and supportive learning environment for participants. They know how to set boundaries for themselves and others, acting with the utmost professionalism, keeping the va'ad (small group) discussions confidential and respectful to members, TMI, and the broader community. The facilitator has a strong commitment to their own personal growth and spiritual development, as well as to the personal growth and spiritual development of whom they are guiding.

In addition to training, TMI supports the professional development of all Mussar facilitators through the TMI Facilitator Network providing meaningful opportunities to meet other TMI facilitators and grow spiritually. This is where you'll meet friends and colleagues. Learn More.


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