Grow Together - Join the TMI Facilitator Network

Connect, learn, and thrive alongside fellow Mussar facilitators through the TMI Facilitator Network, our annual membership program designed to elevate your skills in va’ad leadership and foster meaningful connections with fellow facilitators.

What the Facilitator Network Offers

Facilitator Continuing Education Engage in interactive webinars led by experienced Mussar teachers to enhance your facilitation skills.

Mentorship Receive personalized guidance from seasoned facilitators who can support your growth.

Facilitator Va’ad Participate in an exclusive small-group Mussar study experience reserved for facilitators.

Online Resources Access a comprehensive online library featuring prayers, texts, chants, archived webinars, and more.

Advanced Facilitator Training Elevate your expertise through specialized training sessions.

Training for TMI Courses and Programs Gain insights and skills specific to TMI courses and programs.


Membership Details

TMI Chaverim (members): Free!

Non-TMI Chaverim (Non-members): $18 per year

Membership year commences on July 1, 2023.

For any inquiries or support, reach out to the Facilitator Development Council (FDC) at, and a dedicated volunteer will assist you.

Guiding the Way: FDC - The TMI Facilitator Development Council

The Facilitator Development Council (FDC) is a group of dedicated volunteer leaders at TMI focused on the professional development of TMI Mussar va'ad facilitators.

Current council members:
  • Evie Weinstein, Co-Chair
  • Harvey Winokur, Co-Chair, Yesod Trainer
  • Ronnie Dubrowin, Communication Liaison
  • Susan Goldberg Schwartz, Kallah Facilitator Coordinator
  • John Hample
  • Calyah Chanah Isaacs, Schmooze Groups Facilitator
  • Kathy Jacobs
  • Sue Pickens, Focus on Facilitators Newsletter Coordinator
  • Helaine Sheias, Evaluations Coordinator
  • Nancy Weiss, Manchim Trainer
Supported by TMI Staff:
  • Rivka Felsher, Operations Support
  • Avi Fertig, Faculty Advisor
Interested in facilitating a program/course in your congregation or organization?

Check out our dedicated guide on "How to Lead a local Va'ad".

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