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A Taste of Mussar

Free Beginner's Course in Mussar

Course Overview:

A Taste of Musser is a 4-lesson independent learning course developed by Dr. Alan Morinis, founder of The Mussar Institute, and delivered on our exclusive Makor Learning Center platform. The course introduces you to the experience of Mussar. There are no prerequisites; only English is required.

Students explore the anatomy of the soul, your personal soul curriculum, how to use that curriculum as the basis for personal growth, and how Mussar provides guidance. You’ll explore some of the middot, or traits of the soul.

Mussar is a treasured body of teachings and practices that provides distinctively Jewish answers to the questions we all ask about life. Mussar also guides you in identifying your unique, personal path of spiritual growth and offers practices to assist you on your journey.

Tuition: FREE


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