These Meditations, from TMI teachers, will be available following the Kallah for attendees to use anywhere.  
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Truth Sprouts from The Ground from Alan Morinis, Founder

In this guided visualization, we will draw on the language the Torah uses to describe God creating the grass that sustains the natural world: justice, peace, and truth among people. Through the direct experience of images and using our imaginations, we will internalize our awareness of the importance of justice, peace, and truth for sustaining our world, including the natural world, which is just as we are taught by Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel in Pirkei Avot.

Alan is the Founder of the Mussar Institute, an Oxford scholar, author, filmmaker, husband, and father living in Vancouver, Canada. 13 min.


Meditation on Emet from Heather Westendarp

Heather guides your consciousness deep into the cells of your miraculous body to experience your personal truth in a loving and honoring way.

Heather is a Jewish professional, experienced Mussar student, and artist living in Houston, TX. 15 min.

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A Musical Meditation and Prayer from Kate Shane

Kate offers an original composition for the Harp as a background to your meditation on a prayer for you to read and download. Enjoy. Kate is a TMI Facilitator, artist, weaver, and harp instructor who lives in Florida near her family. 7 min.


Rick Dinitz 400x
Rick Dinitz 400x

L’Ovd’cha Be’Emet: A Mussar Blues musical meditation from Rick Dinitz

Polishing the Stones: L’Ovd’cha Be’Emetl /A Mussar Blues musical meditation from Rick Dinitz

Chant a new melody for V’taher libenu l’ovd’cha be’emet / Purify our hearts for Your service in truth. Composed and recorded especially for our Kallah theme: Emet / Truth. Journaling encouraged. 10 min.

Dig deeper into the words V’taher libenu l’ovd’cha be’emet / Clarify our hearts for Your service with truth. What else could this phrase mean for us? Journaling encouraged. 21 min.