Join one of five sessions to share your thoughts, ask questions and meet greet fellow Mussar students.

Kallah 2022: Monday, 1/31, 12:25 p.m.

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Lesley Levin & Ken Birenbaum

New to the Kallah?

You may be an experienced Mussar student yet new to the Kallah. Join Lesley and Ken for an informative discussion on how to make the most of your Kallah experience, and connect with others who are new to the Kallah at the same time. Ken is an active Mussar facilitator who has served on the board of The Union for Reform Judaism, and The Mussar Institute. Lesley Levin is a TMI community leader who lives with her husband, Mark of 50 years in Bloomington, IN.

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Evie Weinstein & Harvey Winokur

Calling All Mussar Facilitators!

Co-Presidents of the Facilitators Network, Evie and Harvey will guide you in a discussion of using Emet in your groups. Enjoy this engaging open mic session!

Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke & Sarah Canfield Dafilou

Teen Program Facilitators!

Join the Director of Teen Program, Leslie-Anne Copes-Finke, and Teen Program Associate, Sarah Canfield-Dafilou for a discussion about teen Mussar facilitation best practices and shared challenges, and enjoy being in a spiritual community of practice designed to support Jewish youth educators. Come and learn how to share Mussar with the next generation!

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Rivka Felsher
Talk to TMI!

Rivka Felsher, Director of Operations at TMI, has experience and knowledge of all program operations. Do you wonder which course may be right for you? What is your Mussar pathway? Not sure you feel ready for the next step? Do you have a question or suggestion for TMI? Rivka can help you navigate.

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Nancy Weiss & Helaine Sheias
Mussar In A Woman's Voice

The voices of women in Mussar are growing stronger by the month, by the year! This networking session is an invitation to uncover the layers of truth that reside within us, as women seekers of spiritual excellence. Join Helaine and Nancy in a discussion about opening pathways for women's voices in Mussar. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!