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Kedusha: Holiness

A Course by Alan Morinis

Course Overview:

When seen through a Jewish lens, this world is primarily a spiritual place infused with divinity, and we are souls making our way through this spiritual world in search of wholeness or holiness, the ultimate fulfillment of the soul’s mission.

In this course, we probe the primary Jewish teachings on holiness in order to strengthen our understanding of this elusive but crucially important quality. The goal is to internalize and awaken a vivid awareness that will guide our steps in life, which is that there is no other purpose for our lives than to be holy.

The study of holiness is important for Mussar students because no matter how you define it, in Jewish thought holiness represents that highest spiritual possibility to which a human being can aspire. It is the ultimate goal, the north star by which we can navigate our journey of ascent.

Format and Delivery:

8-lesson independent study course that includes three webinars recordings, audio recordings and text, and study materials for individual or paired study.

Tuition: $200

Members (Chaverim) Rate: $170


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