Mussar In Action supports you in answering the question: How can one sustain learning and put into practice what is learned? Rabbi Yisrael Salanter saw this challenge and spoke of it in the 19th century, as did Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto in the 18th. Both goals are reached through practice.

In order to bring your Mussar practice into your world (and to firmly avoid the self-absorption that is a potential pitfall of any spiritual practice) and to strengthen the bonds of community across the distances that separate us, you will engage in a project with other people that will be, in effect, your Mussar in Action.

Robert Barris, Facilitator

Robert co-authored Mussar in Action with Alan Morinis, translating into English various selections from the Alei Shur from Rav Wolbe. He is shomer Shabbat and integrates Orthodox practice with Jewish renewal. A practicing psychiatrist since 1984, Robert is trained in the martial arts and has had a serious mindfulness practice for many years. He has been active in TMI for the past 14 years as a former board member and facilitator of several TMI distance va’adim. Robert’s interests include lifestyle medicine (particularly nutrition and exercise), and playing with his grandchildren.


The source text for this 26-unit course is the Mussar classic, Alei Shur by R. Shlomo Wolbe. The work is available only in Hebrew, but original translations have been prepared for this course. Based on the text, students will engage in personal study and Mussar practice, as well as va'ad-based and chevruta study. Va'ad meetings run every other week with chevruta study in between. Cheshbon ha'nefesh is the core daily practice. Each bi-weekly reading from Alan Morinis focuses on a specific middah, 12 middot in all. They are: are truth, equanimity, alacrity, honor, humility, gratitude, trust, love, loving-kindness, joy, faith, and order. 

The core learning for Mussar in Action occurs when each student engages in a real-world project. Please note: TMI does not endorse any particular pace of returning to public spaces. Please continue to follow CDC and local government guidelines for masking and social distancing as needed.


Wednesday 7 p.m. ET, 8/3/2022 - 1/18/2023


Season of Mussar I, II, Pathway to the Inner Life Parts I, II & III.


To support Mussar students in their re-entry to society following the isolation of the pandemic, The Mussar Institute is offering Mussar In Action at a reduced price: $215 for Chaverim, $240 for non-Chaverim.