Course Overview:

Mussar In Action supports you in answering the question: How can one sustain learning and put into practice what is learned? Rabbi Yisrael Salanter saw this challenge and spoke of it in the 19th century, as did Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto in the 18th century. Both goals are reached through practice, in our own lives, today.

In order to bring your Mussar practice into your world (and to firmly avoid the self-absorption that is a potential pitfall of any spiritual practice) and to strengthen the bonds of community across the distances that separate us, you will engage in a project with other people that will be, in effect, your Mussar in Action.

Course Structure

The source text for this 26-unit course, now offered in a more flexible and affordable 2-part structure, is the Mussar classic, Alei Shur, by R. Shlomo Wolbe. The work is available only in Hebrew, but original translations have been prepared for this course by TMI Faculty, Robert Barris, and TMI Founder, Alan Morinis.

Based on the text, students will engage in personal study and practice, as well as va'ad-based and chevruta study. Va'ad meetings run every other week with chevruta study in between. Cheshbon ha'nefesh is the core daily practice. Each bi-weekly reading focuses on a specific middah, with 12 middot offered in two parts.

Part I includes: truth, equanimity, alacrity, honor, humility, and gratitude.

Part II includes: trust, love, loving-kindness, joy, faith, and order. 

The core learning for Mussar in Action occurs when each student engages in a real-world project that can be a new personal project, a new community service project, or a continuation of ongoing work you do in your community. Its putting your Mussar practice, or kabbalot, for each middah, into action beyond journaling, chanting, and personal work.

Pre-requisite: Pathway to the Inner Life I-III or equivalent va'ad-based experience.

Session/Facilitator: Part II with Judith Edelstein, Wednesdays, 5-6:30pm ET, 4/3-6/5/2024


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Tier 3 - $231 Part I, $198 Part II

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