Each Part 6 Middot

In this exciting program from Dr. Alan Morinis, Founder of The Mussar Institute, you will work locally, in a va'ad or small group, and with a chevruta or partner. You will refine your understanding of your inner nature and develop new skills as you grow in awareness and wisdom. In time, you will transform your sense of yourself,  your relationships with those closest to you, and your relationship with the Divine Presence.

The program is a "one-time" purchase to be used indefinitely.  Each part is $550.00. Purchase both parts for $1,000.


Part I:

In the Jewish perspective, the soul is the primary essence of who we are. However, we do not necessarily experience our inner lives in this way, and instead develop a belief that our selves, our egos, form our primary identity.

In following the path of Mussar to build our inner lives, we have to come to appreciate the difference between self and soul, and especially to develop an understanding of the ideal relationship we can foster between these two dimensions. You will study:

  • Humility/Anavah
  • Anger/Ka’as
  • Gratitude/Hakarat Ha’tov
  • Trust/Bitachon
  • Honor/Kavod
  • Alacrity/Zerizut

Part II

Our relationships are where "the rubber hits the road. " Too often, our relationships with those closest to us are the most problematic. In this eight-week section, we will explore the middot that are directly linked with relationships and transform, or radically alter our insight into and ability to balance them. We'll study:

  • Forgiveness/Slichah
  • Strength/Guvurah
  • Patience/Savlanut
  • Lovingkindness/Chesed
  • Simplicity/Histapkut
  • Faith/Emunah